States of Disarray:
Practice as Restitution

States of Disarray: Practice as Restitution is a response to an environmental and social crisis of unimaginable proportions. All sections of the art community have made commendable efforts to address issues arising from the resulting confusion; similarly, the curations that comprise this particular edition of the Students’ Biennale (2021), have each negotiated the challenges presented through distinct perspectives that nonetheless arise from a common ground.

These efforts have resulted in a vast and complex body of work, the scope of which is reflected in terms of numbers (there are more than 300 participating artists) as well as in the diverse engagements that qualify this complexity. Several workshops and online forums for discussion were developed through a close examination of those areas – geographically and in terms of education – that needed a specific kind of attention. While it is yet another challenge to host the entire undertaking on a web platform, the threads that emerge from this dense core will no doubt continue to unravel in time, realizing their potential in the light and space of the physical world.