Anurag Singraur

College of Art, New Delhi

The New Normal. 2020. Assemblage (Mix Media)

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In my work, the systematic arrangement of found objects is for the purpose of collecting pandemic memorabilia. These mundane objects speak of familiarity with the materials that helped us express our mental state during the lockdown. Accepting the truth of the pandemic wasn’t easy but we have slowly but surely, though not readily, adapted to the change, normalizing the chaos. 

We hold memories within the objects that were a part of them. Returning to an object is like revisiting a memory associated with the object. It is a doorway that bends time and space, recalling the past in the present. A ‘QR code’ works similarly. The Pandemic single-handedly catalyzed the shift of the world to an ‘online’ mode. We scan codes for accessibilities, travelling through portals, similar to how we access our memories when we eye-scan a few objects. These domestic found objects archive the pandemic on either side of the door.