Ashita Gupta

Banaras Hindu University

Ashita has drawn inspiration from the most common, and perhaps the most overlooked element in daily lives – dreams. They invoke all kinds of emotions for the seer – there is joy, fear, excitement, anguish, even nostalgia. So while the work is highly personal to Ashita and her dreams, it comes with the potential to relate with anyone who observes the art.

Each of the seven artworks depict Ashita’s dreams over a period of one week, or as she says, the fractions of her dreams that could be recollected. Plaster of Paris serves as the base to mould the dreams, while distinct elements take part to resonate the emotion attached. Pieces of mirror reflect insecurity, a mesh elaborate the spiral nature of thoughts and cut roots point towards endings. 

The dream is bare, realistic and devoid of any glitter. Hence she calls it Dry Dream.