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Trail of Goa from thick to thin was created to throw a spotlight on the cultural connotations and the everyday tasks that form an archive of the community, to change the stereotype mindset of the tourists visiting Goa.

The project maps Goa’s existing historical sites, its significance and also its current decline. It includes the stories of the myths, phantoms, the indigenous communities, the sea life, forests and the lanes, which are lost in the tourist maps. The students collectively researched and questioned how they too look at their own local places. Their process also made them think – are they making another one of those stereotyped packages?

This project looks around the idea of archiving and challenges the question of loss and memory. Keeping certain sentiments of the past, they looked at the larger picture of Goa and its socio- cultural politics of the present. Their project resembles one of the many online tourist guide sites. When you explore their archive they touch on the areas which only a local would know. Goa through the eyes of the present site, where the youngsters struggle to understand the past and want to hold on to the narrated stories of the past which were never questioned.

Participating Students
Ashish Ulhas Phaldesai; Kiran Gurunath Hadkartamboskar; Gaurang Rajaram Chari; Annika Abhijit Gaundolkar; Debbie Clareta Fernandes; Subha Murali Tari; Abhijit Raghu Parsekar; Shubham Laxmikant Naik; Sahil Somnath Naik; Luke Agnel Luis; Shubham Vilas Palekar

Goa College of Art

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