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Urban materials, thoughts, spaces, the chaotic disorder and dislocation became a thread to look at urban violence which is in public and domestic spaces. This violence is different from the violence we talk about in a war zone. This is related to everyday life, which the urban community feels and faces.

Each student used a material to talk about domestic/public/personal space and their discomfort. Their works speak of domestic violence, women laborers, the socio-political or the small things that can be disturbing. To the material they attached a word. These words then came together in a collective process and became a poem, which leads the viewer to their individual works.

The material and words are:
Drainage pipe – (Flow); Termite tree – (Akrosh), Everyday objects – (Galatfehmiya), Street food – (Gairmojudgi), Dolls/thread – (Vajood-e-waqt), Coal – (Gharshan), Pepper spray – (Suffocation), Scrap – (Atit), Crowd – (Swapna)

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Participating students
Ojasvi Peshawaria; Chandraprakash Hiraman Kumare; Viditi Khare; Rasana Bhardwaj; Rohan Vinod Anvekar; Hrishika Jaiswal; Pratik Sutar; Pradeep Kamble; Riya Panchal; Aadesh Jain

Participating institutions
Sir JJ School Of Art, Mumbai; Amity University, Mumbai; College Of Fine Arts Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore; Srishti Institute Of Art Design And Technology Bangalore; Visual Art College, Indapur, Pune