Interiorities – Students’ Biennale•4th Edition


The psyche, as it interprets the phenomenal world, survives the demands and restrictions of the latter to yield diverse insights and epiphanies. It is the beginning and end of the journey from constructed interiors through wilderness and landscape to the public space of urban confrontation.

Aishwarya Das

Shiv Nadar University

Last Sense. 2020-2021. Video

Indira Lakshmi and Souvik Majumdar

Ambedkar University & Shiv Nadar University

Encrypted Encounters : A Time Diary. 2020-21. Audio

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Souvik Majumdar and Indira Lakshmi were introduced through the Student Biennale’s curator, as they both had backgrounds in audio-visual practice. The pair had never physically met and were situated in different sides of the country (Delhi and Kolkata) yet decided to embark on a process of exchange and discourse, primarily through audio across the digital platform.

As a preliminary exercise, the five elements (water, air, fire, earth and ether) were explored sonically, considering the elements as the basic building blocks of all life and constituents of the body. This dialogue through audio experimentation led to the duo considering Time and Space as points of investigation. They would use field recordings, amalgamating them with their own composed sounds as a means of sharing the physical and psychological space they inhabited over the course of the project. The process became like a shared diary or ‘Time Diary’ as the duo had begun to consider it. 

The pandemic, and the resultant social distancing, has exacerbated our involvement in the online domain and times it is our sole means of connection for which this project has become a metaphor. Through the digital platform the duo shared field recordings, compositions and recorded verbal and non-verbal conversations which they worked into, layered and manipulated. Each track relates to an hour of the day, some have been jointly worked on, some individually composed with elements from the shared sound library they developed. This collection of 24 sounds titled ‘Encrypted Encounters: A Time Diary’ is the result of this collaborative project, a record of an ongoing dialogic process which exists as a fertile starting point rather than an end product.

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Mansoor Mansoori

Shiv Nadar University

Dusk. 2019. Video

Medhavi Bhatia

Shiv Nadar University

Repetition. 2020. Video

Pankaj Sharma

Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara

Still life is one of the most philosophical genres of traditional figurative painting. ‘Vanitas’ paintings are yet another sub-genre of the Still Life, referring primarily to the transient nature of time, the fugitive instant and the brevity of life that does not and cannot last.

     (It also conveys the idea of the perishable, captured in its brief moment of existence before decay, suspended in an instant frozen in eternity.)

In this series of paintings, I worked towards realizing a clinical space. It is a constructed space with medical objects/still life. Through still life, I tried to create a narrative along with text. The objects come from my personal psychological space, mainly from my memories of the past. Thus I also have a strong personal association with these objects.        

With the incorporation of images, text and objects, I have tried to create a physical as well as a psychological space, an environment conveying a sense of isolation and melancholy, alienation and silence. The absence of something or someone remains a distinct aspect of my work. The work is a digital recompilation of the original experiential installation.

‘of these days, child of this story would remember the frozen sun…’. 2021. Video

Riddhi Patel

Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara

I happened to witness a solar eclipse recently. How magnificent is its effect on Earth! It changes and manipulates the gap between shadows and the sun and becomes a different visual experience! Through this series of work, I am trying to bring out the visual feeling of an eclipse. How the eyes ache to see the brighter part while combining the intense nature of an eclipse through the patterns of warp and weft. The Eclipse is being used here as a metaphor to amalgamate with the expanse of something infinite. My ideas have close associations with natural phenomena or elements, such as a sea or an ocean.

The major factor is their expanse which is similar to the weave of a textile.

Unseen. 2020. Acrylic on khadi. 15” x 15” each


State University of Performing and Visual Arts, Haryana (BFA)
Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan, (VBU) (MFA)

The Great Wreck. 2020. Diptych
Reminiscence. 2020

Vishnu Prasad

Shiv Nadar University

This 1 min 10-sec video is actually made from a 3-second long piece of footage in the hospital where I was admitted in September 2020. I  zoomed in on each happening within these 3 seconds and made this video, which conveys a sense of the unbearable along with the added soundtrack, exactly as the title indicates. The video itself evolved in editing, to a point where the camera keeps panning according to the sound. The camera might pan away from these happenings at the hospital or it may pan onto these happenings – which again is related to a patient’s condition inside the hospital.

The sound in this video is a soundtrack available on the net that is used for testing the quality of phone speakers and diagnosing related problems. I found it an interesting coincidence as I was there in the hospital where my condition being diagnosed. Moreover, the sound itself caught my attention as a perfect thing that could work out. In a way, the video itself was only made possible because of this existing sound testing method.

Unbearable. 2020. Video