Deepak Yadav, Swati Siwach, Anukampa, Srishti Hooda, Ankush Khatri

Department of Visual Arts, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

Our project focuses on those who fought for our freedom from colonial domination, and the courage and sacrifice that is required to take up such a cause. As the topic is steeped in history, we decided to use a traditional medium (woodcut). We are attempting to look into the darkest shadows within this history, especially the voyage across the seas, that carried indentured labour and those that were labelled ‘criminals’ by the British Government to their prisons. These waters came to be known as ‘Kala Paani’ or Black Water – काल also means death and time. The prison in the Andaman Islands, where they were incarcerated, came to be called by the same name. Within this structure, they endured endless torture, isolation and loneliness. We have made this series of twelve prints in their memory.  

The Dignified Agony (Process). 2020-2021. graphic wood cut print
The Dignified Agony. 2020-2021. graphic wood cut print