Indira Lakshmi and Souvik Majumdar

Ambedkar University & Shiv Nadar University

Encrypted Encounters : A Time Diary. 2020-21. Audio

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Souvik Majumdar and Indira Lakshmi were introduced through the Student Biennale’s curator, as they both had backgrounds in audio-visual practice. The pair had never physically met and were situated in different sides of the country (Delhi and Kolkata) yet decided to embark on a process of exchange and discourse, primarily through audio across the digital platform.

As a preliminary exercise, the five elements (water, air, fire, earth and ether) were explored sonically, considering the elements as the basic building blocks of all life and constituents of the body. This dialogue through audio experimentation led to the duo considering Time and Space as points of investigation. They would use field recordings, amalgamating them with their own composed sounds as a means of sharing the physical and psychological space they inhabited over the course of the project. The process became like a shared diary or ‘Time Diary’ as the duo had begun to consider it. 

The pandemic, and the resultant social distancing, has exacerbated our involvement in the online domain and times it is our sole means of connection for which this project has become a metaphor. Through the digital platform the duo shared field recordings, compositions and recorded verbal and non-verbal conversations which they worked into, layered and manipulated. Each track relates to an hour of the day, some have been jointly worked on, some individually composed with elements from the shared sound library they developed. This collection of 24 sounds titled ‘Encrypted Encounters: A Time Diary’ is the result of this collaborative project, a record of an ongoing dialogic process which exists as a fertile starting point rather than an end product.

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