Lokesh Khodke

An introduction to creating comics/graphic narratives

The medium of comics, now also referred to as graphic narratives, opens up rich possibilities for exploring dialogues through the inter-relationship of words and images in a sequential narrative format. This module was an exercise-based workshop where students closely engaged with their immediate surroundings, people and places, and in the process developed methods of making comics. There were slide presentations and conversations to share multiple histories of comics/graphic novels across the country and beyond. Students were guided through a series of exercises through the period of the workshop and produced short 8-page comics of their own at the end of it. They also explored interesting possibilities of displaying the comics online.

Digvijay Jadeja

Meena Pathak

Meet Varvada

Mohit Anand

Prasant Patidar

Rupali Yadav

Vasudev M Nair

Aparna Jain