Mark Mathew

College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru

“We are at the classic-romantic barrier now, where on one side we see a cycle as it appears immediately…and this is an important way of seeing it…and where on the other side we can begin to see it as a mechanic does in terms of underlying form…and this is an important way of seeing things too. These tools for example…this wrench…has a certain romantic beauty to it, but its purpose is always purely classical. It’s designed to change the underlying form of the machine.” -Robert Pirsig

Wood engraving 1. 38x39cm. 2020
Wood engraving 1. 25x32cm. 2020
Linocut. 32.5x40cm. 2020
Prints: Mark Mathew. Animations: Vibhashini S. Duration: 1.07min