Participating students
Ayesha Samah, Bhargavaram Balachanadra Hegde, Bharath Mudakappa Laddiyavar, Devina Sasson, Harish GV, Karan Menon, Komal Agrawal, Mark Mathew, Mayura SP, Monideepa Rani Banerjee; Niranjan V, Rasna Acharya, Saraswati Patel;

College of Fine arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore; Department of Visual Arts, Bangalore University; Chamarajendra Govt. College of Visual Arts, Mysuru; Amity School of Fine Arts, Amity University Mumbai

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Narrative stories of everyday life are almost like an autobiography. The pandemic also made it possible to look more deeply into the self. Self, identities, loss and memory – have been the thread used by many of the artists in this project.

The artists here have worked in a collective and collaborative process to create graphic novels, animation films, gifs and sketchbooks. The confined spaces they were in for 9 months led them to scribble down their thoughts onto their sketchbooks and dairies. They all have their own way of storytelling. The frustration of self or the question of their identities in relation to the socio-political condition made them feel helpless, leading them to imagine a non-future space. Here, the identity is about the city, religion, language, material, confined spaces, their own space, their own thoughts and ultimately the self. 

Monologues in Fragments’ – talks about their random, fragmented thoughts put together in a narrative format.

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