Karagowni Nageshababu Reddy

Vyjayanthi Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya

Nagesh presents a performative, site-specific installation brought to life by the very nature of materials that take part in food storage and connecting systems from farmlands to the city. Food encased in frozen blocks of ice are presented on a shelf. Playing with natural processes such as time, with the use of ice, the installation evolves over a duration and presents a reflection on the functions of materials as well as conditions of storage which include temperature, infrastructure and consistency. The loss of homeostasis here leads to the melting of ice causing a conflict in purpose and intention. Nagesh’s past working experience at KFC, a popular fast food joint, where he was deployed in the cold storage unit has informed his current work.

Time/storage. 2020-21. Site-specific installation, Ice, Frozen vegetables, and meat. Location: Bengaluru

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