Pankaj Sharma

Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara

Still life is one of the most philosophical genres of traditional figurative painting. ‘Vanitas’ paintings are yet another sub-genre of the Still Life, referring primarily to the transient nature of time, the fugitive instant and the brevity of life that does not and cannot last.

     (It also conveys the idea of the perishable, captured in its brief moment of existence before decay, suspended in an instant frozen in eternity.)

In this series of paintings, I worked towards realizing a clinical space. It is a constructed space with medical objects/still life. Through still life, I tried to create a narrative along with text. The objects come from my personal psychological space, mainly from my memories of the past. Thus I also have a strong personal association with these objects.        

With the incorporation of images, text and objects, I have tried to create a physical as well as a psychological space, an environment conveying a sense of isolation and melancholy, alienation and silence. The absence of something or someone remains a distinct aspect of my work. The work is a digital recompilation of the original experiential installation.

‘of these days, child of this story would remember the frozen sun…’. 2021. Video