Rahul Juneja

College of Art, New Delhi

“कोठ-Re:”, a combination taken from कोठी (Punjabi for a house) and Re: for repetitiveness), translates best into an expression of my situation during the Covid 19 lockdown – the same surroundings and repetitive actions which feel like life in a prison – (कोठरी). In this series, I’ve tried to explore my current surroundings and how they manifest visually, in the absence of any external/outdoor stimulation, a time when all the changes are happening inside, within the four walls of a house.

“हलचल”, translating as slight movements, refers to the shifting of furniture, paraphernalia and household items in trying to create new physical spaces within limited possibilities.  In a situation that has been devoid of change for almost a year, these movements are in reality just compromises and attempts to create the experience of change.

“संक्रमण”, translating as rapid spread, is generally used in the context of diseases. It depicts the garbage in my room, which seems to multiply; however, it’s not just the physical garbage. My insecurities, fears and thoughts just keep piling up on each other, multiplying like an infection, and are hard to deal with and get rid of, much like the virus that we are dealing with right now.  

“पाश”, translating as loop, depicts a never ending loop where the chaotic overlapping of  household objects and paraphernalia are constantly being displaced in an attempt to create space, only to  end up in some other corner.  Nothing gets done, only the positions change. It’s a parallel to my world at the moment, and feels like watching myself from above, running around this loop helplessly, desperate for a way out.

हलचल. 2020. Ink and Watercolor on paper
पाश. 2020. Video
संक्रमण. 2020. Ink on paper