College of Art, New Delhi

Presence of Absence. Oil on canvas. 9’’ x 23’’

There is an old saying that “किसी चीज़ की कीमत उसे खोने के बाद पता चलती है |” 

When we experience the demise of our loved ones we go through a lot of pain and grief. People  leave us and their belongings are left behind with all the memories and moments spent with them, which stay with us deep in our hearts.

In the painting is my grandfather’s stick, which I had bought for him. Till date I remember the happiness it brought to his face when I gave it to him. That moment was something I’ll cherish for my entire life and whenever I see this stick it takes me back to that day, and I feel his presence, as if he were sitting here with me. 

Especially when our elders leave us we feel their absence so much and wish for some more time to spend with them, to talk to them and touch them.