Sanchayan Ghosh

Unmaking of Conventions: Location as Resource

The age of globalization has often projected a multi-layered network of communication that apparently promotes an open world of transaction but it has also transformed our environment with stereotypes of material culture, homogenized by standardized systems of tools and materiality. Art practice is also not outside of this phenomenon. Standardization of tools and materials has transformed the world of art into certain dominant forms of material application and interpretations that has often created hierarchies of form and representation. The present situation of pandemic has further aggravated this context by limiting mobility to specific locations. Art practice is being determined by certain limited access and availability of tools towards certain new forms of conventions. It is important to unmake these situations of scarcity. The possibility of rejuvenating the notion of practice into a more conscious engagement with our immediate locality would transform the location itself into a resource that would unmake conventions.

 Therefore, this online workshop re-engages with the locality beyond the notion of the ‘local’ as a transit point between outside and inside, and moves towards active sites of both material and social immersion. The workshop was seen as individual and collective engagements with locality and  explores the daily lifestyle from multiple points of view and research, process and material innovation.  It eventually re-engages with convention as a vantage point of conversation and improvisation.