Sarita Jaiswal

College of Art, New Delhi

Artists have long been interested in the formal relationship between things. How do objects relate to each other? How do colours, shapes and textures interact? After dabbling in various art forms, what fascinates me the most are found objects. I use a variety of materials such as textiles, jute, and silk, overlapped with drawings. My work is about relationships of different kinds, which I find are mostly dominated by pretentiousness, formality, calculation, incompleteness, and confusion. Misunderstandings often remain unresolved, and we have learned to live with conflicts without the possibility of closure. 

Untitled- I. Sketch on paper with ink and pencil
Untitled- I. Sketch on paper with ink and pencil
Unsorted. Textile installation. 37” x 50”
Untitled- II. 2019-2020. Installation- mixed media on jute. 40” x 47”
Kink. Collage- mixed media on paper. 5’ x 2’
Untitled- III. 2020. Mixed media on paper. 30” x 22”