Sharvari Deshpande, Vanshika Babbar, Narendran Nair

Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara

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Over the course of last year, the three of us had been involved with artists, activists, trying to organize and attend meetings, gatherings, protests, protest libraries to educate ourselves, understand and respond as a collective the increasing compromise of living and working as students in an escalating fundamentalist atmosphere in the nation state as well as the art institution.

We employed ‘Restorative Fiction’ to guide the narrativization process. Fiction as a tool bypasses the hegemonic structures of the system and yet reveals some form of ‘Truth’ in the post-truth virtual reality. As the site for exploitation in globalised late phase capitalist post-truth reality is one’s Emotion, we find our emotional foundations dismantled and ourselves drifting away from sanity, in a state of extreme loss, unable to look after, becoming incapable of judgement. Fiction when restorative, rejuvenates the rationale by feeding it glimpses of ‘Truth’, stabilizing the emotional and mental foundations which earlier had been dismantled by voracious assaults.