Shreya Shruti

College of Art, New Delhi

This series called ‘Everyday Me’ works like a daily journal in which the portraits with text carry a phrase, a word, or a question, covered in different layers. I use newspaper cut-outs consisting of texts and cartoons, thereby building a bridge between personal and political thought processes. It allows thinking of the relation between the inner and outer, I and the other; and the horizon where they both meet! The work comprises three series of drawings – Swing, Blink- Blank, and Noise of Silence (each series of drawings has been developed into a Gif separately). These have been developed from drawing self-portraits in ink on paper, as continuous shots. Each of the drawings breaks down to a certain expression, like a swing of the head, a blink, and a scream. They freeze time that occurs between moments, like capturing oneself in the middle of a thought and then observing and questioning those thoughts. Later, as an experiment and an urge to create movement in the drawings, I extended it into an animation.

Everyday Me (Swing). 2019. Mixed media on paper (GIF)
Everyday Me (Noise of Silence). 2019. Mixed media on paper (GIF)
Everyday Me (Blink Blank). 2019. Mixed media on paper (GIF)