वजूद ए वक़्त

Rasana Bhardwaj
Sir. JJ School Of Arts, Mumbai

Collaborator: Aashish Bhardwaj

Vajood E Waqt I. 2020- 2021, Videography and Installation. Duration: 40 days

Vajood E Waqt 1
The artwork raises questions about feminine beauty – the different perceptions it holds, with some being almost universal in nature. Throughout history, womanhood and beauty have had various definitions, idols, analogies and metaphors. The artist draws inspiration from these to derive a form to her message.

One such embodiment is the Venus of Willendorf – a limestone figurine found in Lower Austria dating back to approximately 25,000 BCE, is believed to have been created as a doll to fulfil the fetish for fertility and motherhood. A similar idol with a more comprehensive acceptance across the globe is Barbie, which was launched in 1959 by the American toy company Mattel- Inc. As the world embraced the doll, the product challenged the acceptance of beauty and womanhood in their most natural state. Barbie became an icon of beauty for young girls everywhere, possibly even women.

Vajood E Waqt II. 2020- 2021. Videography and Installation. Duration: 40 days

Vajood E Waqt 2
The artist positions womanhood in limelight and addresses the various complexities it has to endure in dialog as well as action. The commentary is dominantly about a state of co-living in which life’s basics – the comfort zone, the mundane affairs and the domestic life is oozed out to accommodate interests of social norms and others’ whims. It is a state that becomes potent enough to cut off expression and self-definition. Crawling up on the body like parasites, these gentle threads of entanglement strangle the living and make space for their own existence. Elements of self-identity get blown away into thin air and are lost in the process of making the space called home a ‘comfortable paradise’.