Vijay Mohan K.M.

Ravindra Kala Nikethan, Tumkur

Raggi Mudde – the wholesome flour balls made of Ragi is a popular meal in Karnataka. One such Ragi ball plays the central role in Mudde Madappa, Vijay’s trilingual graphic novel where the mudde is travelling around the Bangalore city. The narrative explores and highlights social, cultural as well as political sides of the urban Bangalore society in relation to the traditional ragi mudde. The graphic novel has been developed from Vijay’s research on methods of storytelling. 

Vijay also created a rangoli during the Open Studio that was held after a workshop by Bharatesh GD. The rangoli is an integral part of the harvest festival celebration and is also a form of prayer for rain on a full moon night. This work evolved from his research on the traditions during the Ragi crop harvest. Vijay’s work, in one sense, also becomes performative in its form and display, and in its processes of execution. 

Mudde Madappa (The Untold Story of Raggi Mudde). 2020 – 2021. Site-specific installation, Graphic Novel. Location: Bengaluru.
Research documentation. Location: Chikkaballapur.
Research documentation. Location: Chikkaballapur.

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