Vishnu Prasad

Shiv Nadar University

This 1 min 10-sec video is actually made from a 3-second long piece of footage in the hospital where I was admitted in September 2020. I  zoomed in on each happening within these 3 seconds and made this video, which conveys a sense of the unbearable along with the added soundtrack, exactly as the title indicates. The video itself evolved in editing, to a point where the camera keeps panning according to the sound. The camera might pan away from these happenings at the hospital or it may pan onto these happenings – which again is related to a patient’s condition inside the hospital.

The sound in this video is a soundtrack available on the net that is used for testing the quality of phone speakers and diagnosing related problems. I found it an interesting coincidence as I was there in the hospital where my condition being diagnosed. Moreover, the sound itself caught my attention as a perfect thing that could work out. In a way, the video itself was only made possible because of this existing sound testing method.

Unbearable. 2020. Video